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lost 30 pounds
Karen, Davie,Fl.
11/15/2016 1:50:39 PM

I get so many remarks about how I look younger since I lost 30 pounds from working with Dr. Mendell

21 year old marijuana(pot) smoker
Bill, Ft.Lauderdale
11/15/2016 1:35:15 PM

I was smoking pot since my early teens. Since I worked with Dr.Mendell ,No Urges.

test anxiety,shy
Harold, Plantation,fl.
11/15/2016 1:29:54 PM

My 17 year old son is very shy and has test anxiety. After seeing Dr.Mendell he is more confident. He's getting along better with me and my husband. He got a the highest grade in his physics class,he was doing poorly in.

Hypnosis to quit smoking.
Paula, Davie, Fl
5/19/2016 5:50:40 PM
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Sherwin Mendell 15 years ago today. He helped me to quit smoking and from May 19,2001 to today May 19,2016 I have never smoked again. He is still at the same address and the same phone number. He will change your life! I lost my father from smoking, he died on March 3, 2003 from throat cancer. He was the reason I wanted to quit. I call Dr. Sherwin Mendell every year on my anniversary to thank him for saving my life.

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